For the Table

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Mother Earth Farms has fifty certified acres available for planting of Quality Organic Vegetables. We offer them at affordable prices directly to restaurants, catering companies, a number of high quality grocery outlets in nine neighboring states, and to customers directly like you.

Our focus is on multiple varieties of root crops such as:

GarlicGarlic on a Table

BeetsBeets on Wood Table





CarrotsCarrots on a Wood Table

RadishesRadishes on Wood Table





PotatoesPotatoes on Wood Table

Sweet PotatoesSweet Potatoes on Wood Table






We also grow other specialty vegetables as the market shifts or as special orders are placed.

Mother Earth Farms is proud to grow hundreds of thousands of vegetables in staggered plantings so the freshest possible vegetables are available for the longest possible season, with some being available year round.

We only use organic seed and follow OEFFA regulations to the letter. Third party verification audits help ensure we maintain our high quality.

Our employees are primarily of Amish heritage and have a renowned work ethic. The entire team works together during the planning sessions, selections, tilling, planting, cultivating and harvesting. We believe employees should be involved in all stages and share in the proceeds of their efforts.

We work directly with Cloverland Ag Services dealer representatives,

Kevin & Sue Hennis

Kevin & Sue Hennis

Kevin and Sue Hennis, to obtain our seeds and fertilizer in addition to sharing space with them in our warehouse located in Mount Hope, Ohio.

We also distribute through Sanson Corporation which is a very large supplier of both conventional and organic vegetables to hundreds of grocers, chefs and corner stores.

Risk is always a factor when growing vegetables and other crops outside due to the weather, so Sanson Corporation and Mother Earth Farms practice risk sharing to ensure we are both engaged in the process as much as possible. Daily and weekly phone calls with monthly face to face meetings helps us keep a clear line of communication with what we each see going on in the marketplace.